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Anonimo 1, 1982 MEM_1 copy
Unyielding Bodies
From ArtWorkers Coalitions through today - works
From ArtWorkers Coalitions through today-03
From ArtWorkers Coalitions through today-02
From ArtWorkers Coalitions through today-01
From ArtWorkers Coalitions through today At WhiteBox NY
Swiss Institute NY, 2023
JMA Matriarchiva in resistance-04
JMA Matriarchiva in resistance-01
JMA Matriarchiva in resistance-02
JMA Matriarchiva in resistance


INES is an archiving system with a feminist perspective that I developed to create the archive of the Mexican Architect of Lebanese descent, Josefina Mena Abraham, during my research for the Doctoral program in History and Critical Theory of Art and the MA Studies program Women and Gender at the CUNY Graduate Center, New York. 2018 – 2024…


INES-Matriarchiva is a platform that disseminates, makes visible, and articulates information, which is only evident by generating intersections that diverge from traditional ways of producing knowledge. Transdisciplinary, intersectional, and decolonial work produces methodologies that can enlighten memories, bodies, and knowledge otherwise obscured by conditions of race, social class, and gender, and so forth.


Expansions are an innate characteristic of the Matriarchive because they allow it to breathe, contract and expand constantly. In this way, forms and historiographies are created that permanently tend to the conditions of race, gender, social class, among others, present in the matriarchive-context relationship.